Bitboat Ltd.

Bitboat, the leading 'cash to bitcoin' exchange both in Italy and France, is proud to have its legal head office in London, which is the capital of the most advanced Country in Europe as for FinTech regulation.
Our mission is to make the Bitcoin technology accessible to the largest public possible: allowing our users to make their purchases in an easy way and by using well known payment methods is our main goal. We make easy a tipically complicated operation by offering to our customers a simple and assisted process.
Bitboat is an intermediation platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies between privates. Our objective is to allow both the buyer and the seller to finalize the exchange in an automated and safe way, without any need for the parties to know and trust each other.
Our team is composed by well known professionals and it is constantly growing, as the service itself.

  • Simone De Gaspari CEO

    BFI advisor and BEN member, bitcoin enthusiast since 2013, he immediatly shows interest in the technical aspects of the blockchain. By managing Bitboat, he now spread bitcoin adoption providing people an easy access to this whole new world.

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  • Thomas Bertani Founder & CTO

    Bitcoiner since Bitcoin was not cool, he immediately stood out in the community thanks to his skills and his enterprising spirit. In 2013 he founded Bitboat, the first of many projects he will use to spread the Bitcoin's culture through the Country.

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  • Victor Verignon French representative

    After gaining a good reputation in the French Bitcoin community as one of the most active cryptocurrencies trader in France, he got in touch with Bitboat and its team. Today he is taking care of the growth of the service in the French market.

  • Matthieu Zani Customer service

    Bitcoin passionate and intrested in the social implications of this technology, he decided to play his role by joining Bitboat and its team. He uses his deep knowledge on the theme to guide the newbie users during their first purchase on Bitboat.