- FAQ about Bitcoin and Bitboat

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.
By using the peer-to-peer technology, Bitcoin allows to operate without the need of a central authority or bank: all transactions and Bitcoin dispatches are collectively managed by the network. Being open-source, Bitcoin is a public project: no one owns Bitcoin and everyone can take part in the project. Thank to its unique elements, Bitcoin allows intresting uses that allowed by no other payment method.

Bitboat is a service that allows you buying cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, in an easy, fast and safe way.

The Bitcoin address identifies your Bitcoin wallet (it has the same role as the IBAN for your bank account or the email address for your email). It is created by your wallet (which can be a software on your computer or a website) and it is needed to deposit Bitcoin on your wallet. An example of Bitcoin address is 1NPFRDJuEdyqEn2nmLNaWMfojNksFjbL4S.
An easy and fast way to obtain a Bitcoin address is registering on blockchain.info.

The exchange rate is determined by our internal system and it is updated every minute.

You can buy bitcoin on Bitboat by using a Paysafecard voucher or a Neosurf coupon.
Both Paysafecard and Neosurf voucher are sold by hundreds of tousands of retail shops all over Europe.
You can find the nearest Paysafecard retail shop here. Please note that to finalize the order with this payment method you will need to download an Android app.
You can find the nearest Neosurf retailer here. After registering on Neosurf website, you can buy your Neosurf coupon and use it on Bitboat.

If you are from Italy, France or Spain, you can find other payment methods available on the specific pages of your Country.

The payment must be done within one hour since the payment information are given. If the payment will be done after this period of time, the order would not be sent automatically. If this happens you have to contact us to receive your Bitcoin. In this case we will be allowed to recalculate the amount of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency according to the exchange rate in force at the payment time.

You will receive your bitcoin within 15 minutes since the payment is done. Please keep the payment recipt with you: if the payment is not observed automatically, you might be asked to send the payment recipt.

The bitcoin transaction is not reversible, so if you already payed, it cannot be changed. If you have not payed yet, simply create a new order with the exact Bitcoin address.

As the system is very complicated, mistakes due to the payments' verification can happen sometimes. In this case we cannot be accused: bitcoin will be sent manually as soon as possible according to the exchange rate in force at the time of your purchase.

  • Paysafecard: there is a 100 euros volume limit on each order. You can buy a maximum of 200euros/day and 5000euros/month.
  • Neosurf: you cannot buy more than 5000euros/month. Some other volume limits may be applied by Neosurf itself.
  • Paypal: you cannot buy more than 1000euros/day and more than 5000euro/month.

Bitboat allows a large number of vendors to sell Bitcoin thanks to our platform, but the free positions are only few instead the applications are a lot. We evaluate everyday the possibility to introduce a new vendor. If you would like to apply you should demonstrate a previous experience (feedback about transactions between privates, projects, etc). If you think you are a good candidate, contact us!

Invite your friends buying Bitcoin using your personalized url and you will gain a 1% fee on each Bitcoin purchase!
The personalized url must respect this standard https://www.bitboat.net/#ref$YOURBITCOINADDRESS. Bitcoin will be sent you automatically at the end of each order, allowing you to receive them immediately and monitoring second by second your earnings.

You can write us on the livechat that you can find on our website or you can use the specific form.

Bitboat has any connection to the Paysafecard or the Neosurf brands. The service offered by Bitboat cannot be linked to Paysafecard or Neosurf.

The service is anonymous. We will not know the buyer identity, but you will be identified if you are involved in sospicious operations and verifications are requested by the authorities.
ID verifications are required on big purchases.


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Bitboat is an intermediation platform for the exchange between privates. All brands are owned by their legitimate owners.